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Why death education should be included in the curriculum

Image Credits: UnsplashImage Credits: Unsplash
  • Integrating death education into school curriculums can help demystify death and reduce associated fears.
  • Teaching students about death can equip them with the emotional tools needed to cope with loss effectively.
  • Early education about death can help shift cultural attitudes, leading to a society that is more open and prepared to handle end-of-life issues.

Death is an inevitable part of life, yet it remains one of the most taboo subjects in our society. Despite its universality, many people are uncomfortable discussing death, leading to a lack of preparedness and understanding when it inevitably occurs. This cultural reluctance to engage with the topic of death has significant implications, particularly for young people who may experience loss without the tools to cope effectively. Integrating death education into school curriculums is a bold and necessary step towards fostering a healthier relationship with mortality.

Why Death Education Matters

Incorporating death education into the school curriculum can provide numerous benefits. Firstly, it can help demystify death and reduce the fear and anxiety associated with it. Through the process of normalising death within schools, it is possible that students may be able to assist their families in experiencing less dread and making decisions that are more informed regarding the end of their lives. This normalization can lead to more open conversations about death, allowing individuals to express their fears and concerns and seek support when needed.

Moreover, death education can equip students with the emotional resilience needed to cope with loss. Research has shown that children who understand the concepts of death are better prepared to handle the grieving process. They are less likely to experience prolonged anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues related to unresolved grief. As highlighted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), "If we help young children understand death, we help them cope with a personal loss that has already occurred or prepare them to understand and cope with a personal loss at a later time".

Practical Implementation in Schools

Integrating death education into the school curriculum does not mean introducing morbid or distressing content. Instead, it involves age-appropriate discussions and activities that help students understand the natural cycle of life and death. For example, in biology classes, teachers can explain the biological processes of death and dying, while in citizenship or ethics classes, students can learn about the legal and ethical aspects of end-of-life care, such as drawing up a will or understanding palliative care options.

Teachers play a crucial role in this educational process. They need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle sensitive topics and provide support to grieving students. According to Kelly Michelson, a pediatrician and bereavement expert, "It’s in the best interest of the students for schools to help the staff learn to honestly and openly answer questions about death and to provide a safe place for students’ conversations". Professional development programs and resources can help teachers feel more confident and competent in addressing these issues.

Addressing Cultural Attitudes Towards Death

One of the significant challenges in implementing death education is overcoming cultural attitudes that view death as a taboo subject. In many Western societies, there is a tendency to avoid discussions about death, which can lead to a lack of preparedness and increased fear. However, movements such as the death cafe movement and organizations like The Order of the Good Death are working to change this narrative by encouraging open conversations about death and dying .

By introducing death education in schools, we can start to shift these cultural attitudes from a young age. Students who are comfortable discussing death are more likely to carry this openness into adulthood, leading to a society that is better prepared to handle end-of-life issues. As noted in The Conversation, "Educating the young about death and dying offers the opportunity to challenge the unwanted consequences of not talking".

Integrating death education into school curriculums is a forward-thinking approach that can have profound benefits for individuals and society as a whole. By normalizing discussions about death, we can reduce fear, foster emotional resilience, and ensure that individuals are better prepared to make informed decisions about end-of-life care. It is time to embrace this big idea and make death education a standard part of our educational system.

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