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Ukraine woman scammed over visa plan is asked to leave the UK by the Home Office

Image Credits: UnsplashImage Credits: Unsplash
  • Anastasiia Drevynytska, a Ukrainian refugee, faces deportation from the UK due to fraudulent visa paperwork.
  • The Home Office's decision highlights concerns over the UK's immigration policies and their impact on vulnerable individuals.
  • Advocacy groups call for a more compassionate and flexible approach to immigration, especially for those fleeing conflict zones.

In a distressing turn of events, the UK Home Office has ordered Anastasiia Drevynytska, a 20-year-old Ukrainian refugee, to return to her war-torn homeland after discovering that her visa paperwork was fraudulent. Drevynytska, who arrived in the UK on December 17, 2023, to reunite with her parents under the Homes for Ukraine scheme, now faces the grim prospect of deportation.

Drevynytska's journey to the UK was marred by a visa scam. She had relied on the assistance of a Ukrainian man to facilitate her travel and application process, only to find out upon arrival that her paperwork was incorrect. The Home Office granted her a six-month temporary leave, which is set to expire on June 19, 2024. However, a recent letter from the Home Office stated that she does not meet the eligibility criteria for the Homes for Ukraine scheme because she did not apply for entry clearance before her arrival in the UK.

Despite her efforts to rectify her situation, including reaching out to the Home Office, her local council, and an immigration adviser, Drevynytska has been left with no viable solution. The Home Office's letter also denies her the right to appeal or request an administrative review, leaving her in a precarious position.

Drevynytska expressed her fear of being sent back to Ukraine, where she faced the constant threat of missile attacks. "I am terrified of returning to Ukraine. The situation there is dire, and I just want to stay with my parents in the UK," she said. Her parents, Svitlana and Volodymur, had already found sponsors under the Homes for Ukraine scheme and were hoping to build a new life in the UK.

Luke Piper, the head of immigration at the Work Rights Centre, which is supporting Drevynytska, voiced his concern over the Home Office's approach. "This situation highlights a growing trend of the UK government distancing itself from its unwavering support for the Ukrainian people and prioritizing reducing migrant numbers," Piper stated. He emphasized the need for a more compassionate and flexible approach to immigration policies, especially for those fleeing conflict zones.

The Home Office declined to comment on the specifics of Drevynytska's case, but this incident has sparked a broader debate about the UK's immigration policies and their impact on vulnerable individuals. Critics argue that the government's focus on reducing migrant numbers is overshadowing its humanitarian responsibilities.

Drevynytska's case is a stark reminder of the challenges faced by refugees and the complexities of immigration systems. As the expiration date of her temporary leave approaches, the uncertainty surrounding her future continues to grow. The support from organizations like the Work Rights Centre is crucial, but without a change in policy, many like Drevynytska may find themselves in similarly dire situations.

The case of Anastasiia Drevynytska underscores the urgent need for a more humane and flexible immigration policy in the UK. As the world watches, the UK government must balance its immigration goals with its commitment to protecting those fleeing from conflict and persecution.

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