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Experience Greek Islands in record time: Helicopter travel now available

Image Credits: UnsplashImage Credits: Unsplash
  • Helicopter travel drastically reduces transit time, allowing travelers to maximize their vacation.
  • Offers a comfortable and scenic alternative to crowded ferries.
  • Makes remote islands more accessible, enhancing the overall Greek tourism experience.

Traveling between the picturesque Greek islands has traditionally been a time-consuming affair, with ferries being the primary mode of transport. However, a revolutionary service by Hoper is set to change the game, offering helicopter rides that can deliver you to 11 Greek islands in a quarter of the time it takes a ferry. This new service not only saves precious vacation hours but also provides a luxurious and scenic travel experience.

Hoper's helicopter service is a groundbreaking development in Greek tourism. As Demitris Memos, CEO of Hoper, aptly put it, "We turn hours into minutes. Travellers earn up to a full day of vacation" by choosing helicopter travel over traditional ferries. This service connects major hubs like Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos to lesser-known but equally stunning islands such as Antiparos, Folegandros, and Patmos, making even the most remote destinations easily accessible.

Time Efficiency and Convenience

One of the most significant advantages of helicopter travel is the time saved. For instance, a ferry journey from Athens to Tinos can take about four hours, while a helicopter ride covers the same distance in just 42 minutes. This efficiency is particularly beneficial for time-strapped travelers who want to maximize their vacation time. Hoper's flights depart from Koropi, a mere 10-minute drive from Athens International Airport, compared to the 50-minute drive to the ferry port, adding another layer of convenience.

Luxury and Comfort

Helicopter travel is not just about speed; it's also about the experience. The panoramic windows of Hoper's Robinson R44 and R66 helicopters provide breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and the Greek islands from above. This luxurious mode of transport is a far cry from the crowded and often uncomfortable ferry rides. As one traveler shared, "Flying above the mountains of Piedmont was an unforgettable experience. We will do it again!".

Cost Considerations

While helicopter travel is undeniably more expensive than ferries, it offers value that justifies the cost. Fares start at €160 per one-way ticket, but prices can vary based on demand. For example, a 42-minute helicopter flight from Athens to Tinos costs €380 in August, compared to €35 for a four-hour ferry ride. Despite the higher price, the time saved and the luxurious experience make it a worthwhile investment for many travelers.

Expanding Access to Remote Islands

Many Greek islands lack airports, making ferries the only viable option for reaching them. Hoper's helicopter service bridges this gap, offering scheduled flights to islands that were previously hard to reach. This includes destinations like Kea, Sifnos, and Spetses, which are now just a short helicopter ride away from major hubs. This expanded access opens up new possibilities for tourists looking to explore the less-traveled parts of Greece.

The Future of Greek Tourism

The introduction of Hoper's helicopter service marks a significant step forward for Greek tourism. It aligns with the growing trend of luxury travel and offers a unique way to experience the beauty of the Greek islands. As Olga Kefalogianni, Greece's tourism minister, described it, this service is a "unique step" in enhancing the country's tourism offerings. With the ability to save time, avoid transit hassles, and enjoy a luxurious travel experience, helicopter travel is set to become a popular choice for island hopping in Greece.

Hoper's helicopter service is revolutionizing travel between the Greek islands, offering a faster, more luxurious, and convenient alternative to traditional ferries. Whether you're a time-strapped traveler or someone looking to add a touch of luxury to your vacation, helicopter travel in Greece is an option worth considering.

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