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How I made an extra $8,400 last year with a simple 30-minute monthly side hustle

Image Credits: UnsplashImage Credits: Unsplash
  • Justin Cambra earned $8,400 last year by renting out parking spaces in his backyard through
  • The initial setup took just 15 minutes, and ongoing maintenance required only 30 minutes each month.
  • Investing in landscaping and drone photography helped maximize the number of rentable spaces and attract more customers.

Finding ways to generate extra income without sacrificing too much time is a game-changer. Justin Cambra, a former Amazon worker from Seattle, discovered a unique and efficient side hustle that allowed him to earn an additional $8,400 last year with just 30 minutes of effort each month. By renting out parking spaces in his backyard through, Justin turned an underutilized asset into a steady stream of passive income.

Discovering the Opportunity

Justin's journey began in September 2022, after he retired from his real estate job at Amazon. With more free time on his hands, he started exploring various ways to make money. A friend introduced him to, a platform that allows individuals to rent out their unused spaces for parking. Justin realized that his half-acre backyard, which had been overgrown and covered in shrubs for years, had the potential to be transformed into a profitable parking lot.

Setting Up the Side Hustle

The initial setup was straightforward and quick. "It took me 15 minutes to get my account set up in January 2023," Justin shared. Within a couple of weeks, he landed his first booking. He started by pricing each parking space at $213 per month, as recommended by the platform. To attract more customers, Justin hired a photographer to take aerial shots of his property using a drone, showcasing the available spaces from a unique perspective.

Investing in the Space

To maximize the number of parking spaces, Justin invested in landscaping. He spent around $6,000 over the year to clear the lot, including $1,000 to remove a tree that was damaged in a windstorm. This investment allowed him to create 20 parking spaces. "I now spend around $100 a month on landscaping maintenance," he noted, ensuring the area remains clean and accessible for renters.

Reaping the Rewards

The results were impressive. By renting out his parking spaces, Justin earned an extra $8,400 in a year. This income became his "fun money," which he and his partner used for vacations and other leisure activities. The side hustle required minimal effort, with Justin spending just 30 minutes each month managing bookings and maintaining the space.

The Benefits of proved to be an invaluable tool for Justin's side hustle. The platform's user-friendly interface and pricing recommendations made it easy for him to get started. Additionally, the website's reach helped him attract renters quickly, ensuring a steady stream of income.

Justin Cambra's story is a testament to the potential of turning underutilized spaces into profitable ventures. By leveraging, he was able to create a low-maintenance side hustle that provided significant financial benefits. For anyone looking to generate extra income with minimal effort, renting out parking spaces could be the perfect solution.

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