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What you need to know about HDB's new Resale Flat Listing service (RFL)

Image Credits: UnsplashImage Credits: Unsplash
  • The RFL service ensures genuine listings by requiring sellers to have a valid Intent to Sell.
  • Advanced search filters and customizable profiles make the house-hunting process efficient.
  • Buyers can compare listings easily and access recent transaction data to make informed decisions.

The Housing & Development Board (HDB) in Singapore has recently launched a new Resale Flat Listing (RFL) service on the HDB Flat Portal, revolutionizing the way buyers and sellers interact in the resale flat market. This service aims to create a transparent, reliable, and trusted marketplace for HDB resale flats. Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding the key features and benefits of the RFL service.

Key Features of the RFL Service

Verified Listings for Peace of Mind

Sellers must have a valid Intent to Sell from HDB before listing their flats, ensuring that all listings are genuine and the sellers are eligible to sell their flats. This eliminates the risk of encountering fraudulent listings and provides buyers with greater peace of mind.

Advanced Search Filters and Customizable Profiles

The RFL service offers a variety of filters to help buyers find flats that meet their specific needs. Filters include price, location, flat type, availability, remaining lease, and floor range. Buyers can also create and save custom search profiles and receive email notifications when new listings match their criteria, making the house-hunting process more efficient.

Easy Comparison of Listings

Buyers can compare multiple listings based on various attributes such as location, price, flat type, availability, and remaining lease. The portal also provides preliminary payment plans, which can be personalized if the buyer has a valid HDB Flat Eligibility (HFE) letter, helping buyers make informed decisions without the need for manual calculations.

Access to Recent Transaction Data

The portal provides data on recent transactions, including the range of transacted prices, monthly transaction volume, and average transacted prices for similar flat types in the vicinity. This information is crucial for buyers to negotiate prices effectively and make informed decisions.

Convenient Scheduling of Viewing Appointments

Buyers with a valid HFE letter can schedule viewing appointments directly through the portal. The system allows buyers and their appointed salespersons to check the availability of sellers and set up appointments, streamlining the process and saving time.

Benefits for Buyers and Sellers

For Buyers:

The RFL service provides a one-stop platform where buyers can browse listings, compare options, access transaction data, and schedule viewings, all in one place. This integrated approach simplifies the buying process and ensures that buyers have all the necessary information at their fingertips.

For Sellers:

Sellers can list their flats directly on the HDB Flat Portal, ensuring that their listings are seen by a wide audience. The portal automatically fills in key details such as address, flat type, and floor area from HDB’s database, reducing the effort required to create a listing. Additionally, the portal’s verification process ensures that only genuine listings are posted, enhancing the credibility of the marketplace.

Promoting a Sustainable Property Market

The RFL service also includes features to promote a sustainable property market. For instance, sellers are prompted if their listing price is significantly higher than recent transaction prices for similar units, encouraging realistic pricing. HDB reserves the right to remove listings with unrealistic pricing or misleading information, ensuring that the marketplace remains fair and transparent.

The HDB’s new Resale Flat Listing service is a game-changer for the resale flat market in Singapore. By providing a secure, transparent, and efficient platform for buyers and sellers, the RFL service enhances the overall experience and promotes a more sustainable property market. Whether you are a buyer looking for your dream home or a seller aiming to reach a broad audience, the RFL service on the HDB Flat Portal is the go-to solution for all your needs.

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