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HDB's master plan for Bidadari Estate wins a prestigious international real estate award

Image Credits: UnsplashImage Credits: Unsplash
  • The Bidadari estate by HDB won the 2024 FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Award for its master plan, marking the first win for a Singapore developer in this category.
  • The estate is celebrated for its innovative architecture, community-centric design, and integration of green spaces, promoting sustainable and active urban living.
  • HDB's continuous efforts in creating vibrant and endearing homes are affirmed by this prestigious international recognition, setting a new benchmark for future urban development projects.

The Bidadari estate, a visionary project by Singapore's Housing and Development Board (HDB), has garnered international acclaim by winning the 2024 FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Award in the Master Plan category. This prestigious accolade marks a significant milestone as it is the first time a Singapore developer has received this honor, underscoring the global recognition of HDB's innovative approach to urban development.

The FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Awards, organized by the Paris-based International Real Estate Federation, celebrate outstanding building projects worldwide. The Bidadari estate was recognized for its excellence in architecture, innovative design, and community-centric benefits, which collectively contribute to a superior urban landscape.

Innovative Architecture and Design

At the heart of the Bidadari estate lies a commitment to innovative architecture and sustainable living. The estate features 12 Build-to-Order developments, housing a total of 8,872 flats. The design of Bidadari Park, inspired by the fictional Hundred Acre Woods from Winnie-the-Pooh, includes a lake, heritage walk, experiential trails, and a children's play area. This park serves as the central green lung of the estate, promoting a "living in a park" experience for residents.

The estate also boasts the 1.6-kilometer Bidadari Greenway, which links residents to the park and provides a seamless connection to nature. This greenway is lined with rest spots and fitness corners, enhancing the estate's appeal as a community-centric living space. Additionally, the estate's location as a stopover site for migratory birds has been thoughtfully integrated into the design, with a 1-hectare hillock preserved to maintain biodiversity.

Community-Centric Urban Living

HDB's master plan for Bidadari emphasizes the creation of a vibrant and cohesive community. Social-communal facilities such as eating houses, playgrounds, and sheltered seating areas are strategically placed within each precinct to foster interaction among residents. The estate's extensive cycling and pedestrian network further enhances connectivity, encouraging active and healthy lifestyles.

The Woodleigh district, one of Bidadari's four districts, exemplifies the estate's community-centric approach. It features the Woodleigh Mall, an integrated community and lifestyle hub offering a variety of shopping, dining, healthcare, and retail options. The district also includes the 700-meter Heritage Walk, lined with rain trees, providing shade for commuters walking to the Woodleigh MRT station.

Sustainable and Green Living

Bidadari's master plan is a testament to HDB's commitment to sustainable and green living. The estate's design incorporates generous green spaces and preserves the area's function as a biodiversity hotspot. The Bidadari Greenway and park connector link residents to green spaces beyond the estate, such as Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park and Punggol Park, promoting a connection to nature and outdoor activities.

Chong Fook Loong, HDB's chief town planner, expressed pride in receiving the award, stating, "As the master planner and developer of Singapore’s public housing estates, HDB is constantly on the lookout for innovative planning concepts to create a quality living environment for residents. This award affirms our continuous efforts in creating vibrant and endearing homes for Singaporeans."

Future Prospects

With the completion of the Woodleigh district and the delivery of more flats in the Alkaff, Bartley Heights, and Park Edge districts over the next year, HDB is on track to realize its vision of "A Community in a Garden" for Bidadari. The estate's well-designed housing developments, combined with lush greenery and community-centric amenities, set a new benchmark for urban living in Singapore.

The recognition of Bidadari's master plan by the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Awards highlights the global community's appreciation for HDB's innovative and sustainable approach to urban development. This accolade not only celebrates the achievements of the Bidadari estate but also inspires future projects to prioritize quality living environments that harmonize with nature.

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